Item Pack

Produkter Leveranstid Pris
  • Premium Item Leveling Pack for Melee Build (Scourge Standard PC)


    Make you leveling process less painful with our basic gear
    1. Armour:
    Tabula +1 Gem
    Seven-League Step
    Lochtonial Caress
    Karui Ward - Astramentis
    Blackheart x2
    Le Heup of All x2
    String of Servitude (Res)
    Darreso Salute
    2. Weapon:
    Oni-goroshi 6 Link
    3. Flask
    Sacred Life Flask
    The Wise Oak - Taste of Hate
    Quick Silver of Adrenaline x 2
    4. Pack Description:
    Pack Description:
    - Boost 150% Leveling Speed
    - All Elemental Resistance max 75%
    - 6 Link Main Skill. Fully Link Armour Item
    - Insane Damage/ Insane Movespeed

    Leveranstid: 1-3 dagar
    kr 196,70
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